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What is the meaning of "24 off" in football lottery

2022-06-27 04:24World football
Summary: What do the numbers in the football lottery meanOdds, if you win, you will be compensated according to that numberWhat's the meaning of the clearance method in the lotteryWhen there is a great disp
What do the numbers in the football lottery mean
Odds, if you win, you will be compensated according to that number
What's the meaning of the clearance method in the lottery
When there is a great disparity between the strength of the two teams, the way of letting the ball is adopted to determine the win-even relationship between the two sides. The number of balls will remain the same after being determined. The method of competitive lottery football game is to enhance the attraction of Chinese football lottery, improve the market structure of sports lottery, fully tap the market potential and comply with the market development trendWhat do you mean by four games and 234 passes
In fact, the "234 levels" of four football games means that the buyers of four strings of lotterWhat is the meaning of y tickets choose to bet on one game as a single game, and choose to bet on two or more games as a pass bet. What is the meaning of In the clearance betWhat is single pass in football lottery
In a single game score game, the corresponding SP value shall be calculated for each game, and the single bet bonus of each game shall be calculated on this basis. Other provisions on football lotteryWhat does it mean to pass the football lottery
Single pass means that you can guess one correctly. In general, you need to guess at least 2 or 3 Results (depending on how many games you bet at the same time) and then have a win-win or lose pass (guess the outcome) to make the ball win-win or lose (including the guess of the outcome of the ball) mixed pass (there are also those who let the ball and those who don't let the ball)
Some concepts of football lottery, what does it mean to lose half the game
This is the concept of Asian Pankou. For example, in a certain game, the opening is 0.90 for the home team and 0.96 for two goals, which means that if the home team can win three goals, you will get 1000 (principal) + 900 yuan if you buy 1000 yuan for the home team. If the home team only wins one ball or draws or loses the game, you will lose 1000 yuan of principal if you buy the home teamWhat does football lottery ticket mean
Just buy one game and you will win the prize. It is the simplest and easiest form to win. Please accept, thank youWhat is the meaning of the way of winning, drawing and losing in football lottery? 2 times 1, 3 times 1
Those who choose 2 or more games for series betting are pass bets. In the pass betting, only when all the results of the selected competition are correct can the winner win the prize. There are five ways to pass the game: 2 1,3 1,4 1,5 1 and 6 What do you mean by a few strings of football lottery tickets
Football lottery series or "M Series N", also known as "string off", where "m" represents the number of selected guessing sessions, "n" is the number of notes, that is, m games are strung into n notes. For example, 4 series 1, 1x odds 2x odds 3x odds 4... The value obtained is first accurate to points, and then X2X purchase multiple = final bonus, for exampleWhat are the winning rules and bonuses of the football lottery
Bonus: only one floating award level, namely the first prize, is set for "four goal Games". The maximum amount of prize money for a single lottery is 5million yuan. The common term gall: the first key word of the football lottery. There is a saying in the industry: what the football lottery plays is gall. If you are in the gall, you will be in the middle. If you are in the gall, you will die
What is the meaning of "24 off" in football lottery

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